MPP Boutique Pattern Gallery, Part 1

As a Pattern Designer, I was made aware that there were willing participants available, to “test” sewing patterns. The beautiful part about it all, is that these experienced “Testers” cared enough to let me know just how the experience was, as the actual Maker. The feedback that I have received has been very much helpful. These individuals have set time aside, to test my pattern, and I wanted to share with the world, the creative variations that they came up with! I hope you Enjoy viewing their talents, as much as I have!

Sweet Strawberry Fields

Donna’s Little Stitches

Gay Curtis

Pat Penley



Jessica Hosch

Doll Clothes by Sandi


Janet’s Booties ‘n More

Summer Fun

Janet’s Booties ‘n More

Gerry Thompson

Shelly Miller


Jackie Corace

Nicole Szonye Rhodes

Cindy Montano

Doll Clothes by Sandi

Perfectly Pams


I hope you enjoyed this selection of various creative takes on my Sweet Strawberry Fields, and my Summer Fun pattern. Stay tuned for Part 2..



  1. smw166

    I particularly like Jessica Hosch’s dress (looks very much like a liberty fabric) and Clothes by Sandi (2nd one). But all really pretty – lovely work.
    Susie x

    Liked by 2 people

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