This is the first step..


If you’re not organized, you’re operating in chaos. Chaos may be a harsh term, but it fit my circumstance. From the time I began designing doll clothes, I have accumulated so many bits and pieces. These bits and pieces consist of Patterns in the form of paper copies, paper revisions, muslin samples, and final samples, all stored away in a carrying bag and pinned on my design bulletin board. I knew I would have to face this pile sooner, or later. Well, today was the day. I finally got organized.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was quite amazing to see how far I’ve come in a years time. There were even a couple of patterns I designed, that I totally forgot about! That was a nice surprise. Even while organizing, I came up with new concepts to try out. What was I so afraid of?

With my newly organized book of patterns, I can better prepare myself to produce more amazing patterns for you to enjoy.

All you need is a big ‘ole binder (or, two), plastic sheet protectors, and dividers. The dividers can help you to categorize the patterns (ie: doll/ size, clothing category, seasons, etc.) The plastic sheet protectors are great for holding the cut pattern pieces, and the sewn samples. Even if you didn’t have the chance to sew the item yet, place the cut pieces in the protector for safe keeping.. right!? (I just gave myself another idea, with that one!)



  1. Morgana Martin, the magicvintagespy

    Wow! Do I ever LOVE gals who can make their own patterns and sew creatively!! This is fabulous. Lots of women back in the day would do this when owning that dress in the magazine was only a dream for them. Thrifty, thrifty, thrifty was a motto of women in the Depression era and during the world wars. Now, it’s the coolest thing to be able to design or copy garments just because you want to. Thanks for checking out and joining my fun, too.

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    1. MissPrettyPerfect

      Aww.. that’s so cool! Thanks for making me feel special 😊 It’s a lot of fun, that allows you have more fun.. if, that makes sense. Only people into having fun, will get it. I actually went to school for Fashion Design. And, my mother taught me to sew at the age of 4. I guess it’s always been there. Fashion would have been hard for me to let go of. I’m glad that fashion found me! I’m going to check out all the fun that you’re having over there!

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