New Pattern Release!

group of dressesIt’s finally here..

“Sweet Strawberry Fields”. Image your greatest memory during the Summer months, while floating in a field of sweet, delicious, ripe strawberries. And, true to my fashion nature, the overall style of this dress has a ‘vintage’ flare. Starting at the top of the dress, is a gorgeous rounded, off-shoulder collar, with optional shoulder straps. It’s connect to the bodice, designed as a fitted corset. At the waist, you’ll enjoy a full skirt, with an extended hem. The hem is an additional piece that can be made into a boarder, or a ruffle. It’s all up to the creator. And, that’s you! Have fun with prints and patterns. Mix it up! The options are unlimited in this dress style!

Sweet Strawberry Fields PDF Dress Pattern for 18″ Doll

As a Pattern Designer, I already own (6) copies of this dress. I made slight modifications along the way, in order to see how the slight changes would translate to a finished dress. Check them out:

I made this copy as a version without shoulder straps. And, it also has a full ruffled hem. I used (3) strips to make it possible.


This version has a shorter skirt. And, because the skirt is a sheer rainbow lame, I put a solid white layer underneath. The bodice is made from an Up-cycled Ralph Lauren denim shirt dress.lame dress

And, would you know it, I actually had a piece of vintage fabric for this version. It features hand-painted fruits (cherry and watermelon), and sunflowers! The bodice is a red linen fabric.

red dress

This version, is the very first one I made. And, it has no additional hem, at all.

blue dress

And, these final two are my favorites. The ‘unicorn’ version, featuring mixed fabrics. And, the one that I feature in my step-by-step tutorial.

unicorn dressIMG_9099

I love this pattern. This dress is fun to make. It may be a little challenging for a beginner. But, with the step-by-step image tutorial, you’ll be confident enough to take it on!

For a limited time, save $2! Coupon will be applied by ‘clicking’ this link: Sweet Strawberry Fields Pattern

The Tiffany Blue Suit

This is the suit that started it All! Something took over my body. It would not let up until I finished this outfit, from beginning to end. And, by beginning to end, I mean, 9 pattern revisions and 5 different muslin samples, later. This does not include the written instructions, or the many video clips that were used to make an awesome tutorial! But, what I can say, is that it was all worth it!

See it for yourself..

MissPrettyPerfect’s Inauguration Suit Pattern

It’s almost ready..

Pattern Design can be fun. But, there’s that moment when the Perfectionist (in me) has the final say. Truth is, I developed this pattern almost one year ago. It’s an 18″ doll dress that is sooo adorable, I had to name it “Sweet Strawberry Fields.” Although it has nothing to do with actual strawberries, it really seemed appropriate. Try imagining your best summer memories, while exploring a field of strawberries. I’m so ready for this pattern to be released, that I thought I’d share a little “behind the scenes” video with you. Of course, I will make an announcement when it goes “live”.

How we all start out, is not the same as how we finish.

My desk is clear! Well, you know what that means, don’t you? All the crap that was on top of it, had to find another place to go. No.. but seriously, I’ve been trying to categorize, and purge my sewing room. And, it’s paying off. All of a sudden, ideas are miraculously flowing. So much so, I have sat myself down with a notepad and pen, to brainstorm the future of “whatever this is, I got going on”.

I’ve solely operated my own private label since 2007, “MissPrettyPerfect“. But, as my life changed, I am unable to look at this brand name the same way. I am definitely in a different place than I was 10 years ago. At that time I was just making handbags. Fortunately enough, my life has expanded into Designing doll clothes and creating custom patterns for private clients. How does one contain so many talents under one label? That has been challenging for me as a business owner. For the last two months, I have been considering a brand change. And, it’s OK.

I’m excited about the changes coming forth. And, I believe you’ll be excited, too! So, stay tuned to see what I come up with. I will be sure to announce every move, so that you will not miss out.

Do you ever wish you had a cheerleader in your pocket?

“We’ve got spirit. Yes, we do. We’ve got spirit. How about you?”
Image result for cheerleader gif

Yeah, well.. about that..

I do have spirit. Yes, I do. But, I get tired sometimes, having to be my own little cheerleader. I think she takes a break every now, and again. Maybe it’s a tough job for her? There’s a lot to have to support, when it comes to me and this gift of creativity.

It’s okay to tell yourself that you are Amazing. You are brilliant at what you do. What a leader you are, that others wish they could be just like you. You’ve got it! And, while you’re at it, Go get your nails done! And, if you’re really feeling it, Go get your hair done, too.

If you’ve read the above statement, and you believe it’s true. Then, best believe, I’m talking to you, too!

Go get’em, Girl!

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The Season of New Beginnings

“Cheers” to all the Lovers of Springtime. And, happy first day of this beautiful season. Now’s the time we get in the mood for marvelous floral displays, bright bold colors of nature, and the kind of weather that we wish could be forever.

Perhaps you’ve had in your mind of doing something that you’re passionate about. Hopefully it’s sewing (If, you don’t know how to sew.. hint hint). And, also creating loving memories. Here’s to a beautiful and prosperous Spring.

This is the first step..


If you’re not organized, you’re operating in chaos. Chaos may be a harsh term, but it fit my circumstance. From the time I began designing doll clothes, I have accumulated so many bits and pieces. These bits and pieces consist of Patterns in the form of paper copies, paper revisions, muslin samples, and final samples, all stored away in a carrying bag and pinned on my design bulletin board. I knew I would have to face this pile sooner, or later. Well, today was the day. I finally got organized.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was quite amazing to see how far I’ve come in a years time. There were even a couple of patterns I designed, that I totally forgot about! That was a nice surprise. Even while organizing, I came up with new concepts to try out. What was I so afraid of?

With my newly organized book of patterns, I can better prepare myself to produce more amazing patterns for you to enjoy.

All you need is a big ‘ole binder (or, two), plastic sheet protectors, and dividers. The dividers can help you to categorize the patterns (ie: doll/ size, clothing category, seasons, etc.) The plastic sheet protectors are great for holding the cut pattern pieces, and the sewn samples. Even if you didn’t have the chance to sew the item yet, place the cut pieces in the protector for safe keeping.. right!? (I just gave myself another idea, with that one!)